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Colorado Buffalo Hunts

Colorado Buffalo Hunts

Colorado Buffalo Hunt

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Have you always wanted to hunt a big Colorado bull buffalo for your trophy room or maybe a bison hunt to fill the freezer? At our Western Colorado ranch, we offer some of the best buffalo hunts in the country. Our bison hunts are 100% all-inclusive and as always, they are backed by our 100% success guarantee. All hunts will include 2 nights lodging, meals, drinks, guide, cleaning, skinning, quartering, and cooling of the meat. If you are looking for a trophy bull, we have a wide age range and sizes of bulls from 3–4-year-old bulls to monster herd bulls that are 10 years old and older. All our trophy bulls have big heavy horns with dark thick mops on their heads. These big trophy bulls will weigh anywhere from 1,300 pounds to an amazing 2,300+ pounds.

Our herd bulls are some of the biggest trophy bull buffalo in the country and are sure to be the perfect bison you have been searching for. Now if you are more of a meat hunter our Bison meat hunts are some of the most affordable to fill the freezer. We offer meat hunts for cow buffalo as well as younger 1–2-year-old bison. On these bison hunts you will get plenty of delicious meat, but you will also get a beautiful head and skull.

Buffalo Hunting Season

Buffalo Hunting Season

One of the most common questions we get is when is the best time to book a bison hunt during the Buffalo Hunting Season? If you are just wanting to take the meat and not the hide you can come anytime as we offer bison hunts year-round. If you want more of a prime hide for a trophy buffalo or a flat hide the cooler months' work great. The best time of the year for big heavy prime hides and capes is anytime from mid-December through the end of February. During these cold months, the hides fill in with thick, soft hair. The big trophy and herd bulls in these months will grow big heavy capes and mops on their heads with hair 14 inches to 18 inches long. These make for some of the best trophy mounts a hunter can find.

Guided Buffalo Hunt

Guided Buffalo Hunt

One of the best parts of our Guided Buffalo Hunts is we can accommodate anyone's personal physical needs and interest. During the bison hunt we access the ranch with UTVs using the multiple trails and roads throughout the property. To start the hunt your guide will usually get you to some high points to glass for the herd. Once a bison herd is spotted you and your guide will decide the best way to get within range. Typically, you will be walking through draws and cedar hills to get within range. For our rifle hunters we try to be within 200 yards and closer to ensure a good shot.

For our archery hunters we always try to be 45 yards and closer. We also offer great shot opportunities for crossbow, muzzleloader, and handgun hunters. Once you have your trophy buffalo down and we take plenty of pictures, your choice to book this guided buffalo hunt defiantly pays off when the guides get them loaded on a trailer or four-wheel drive truck to get it back to camp. Once at camp the guides will clean, skin, quarter and get the meat cooled for you. 

Colorado Buffalo Hunting Lodge

As usual during your bison hunt you will be staying in our very comfortable Colorado Buffalo Hunting Lodge with private bedrooms and bathrooms. The lodge is fully furnished will all the comforts of home including satellite TV, WIFI and plenty of home cooked meals.

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 Buffalo Hunting Packages

All-Inclusive Buffalo Hunting Packages 

Meat Buffalo - $3,750 (1.5-2 yr old bull or heifer)

Mature Cow Buffalo- $4,500 (4 -6 yr old cow)

Trophy Bull Buffalo - $7,500 (3-4 yr old bull)

Herd Bull Buffalo - $9,500 - $15,000 (6yr old - 15yr+)

All bison hunts include 2 nights lodging, meals, drinks, guide, field care of the buffalo and all taxidermy prep.

Buffalo Hunting Packages

Successful Buffalo Hunt Pictures

Buffalo Hunt Contact Form

Contact us, let's talk hunting, I would like to personally invite you to book a buffalo hunt or one of our many other hunts today. I strive to achieve 100% hunter satisfaction on all our hunts. Unlike many other outfitters I make 100% of my living guiding hunters making my outfit the clear choice for your next big game hunt. Please feel free to contact me anytime, 7 days a week, with any questions or to discuss everything my outfit has to offer. I look forward to hunting with you.

For additional info on these buffalo hunts and everything else we have to offer please feel free to send us a contact form below or to call, text, or email us anytime.

Pete Severson

Severson Outfitters LLC

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